Before Abraham was, I AM

by Graham Dow

Sunday 21st November 2021

The Bible reading of this sermon was taken from John 3:1-16.

I am the bread of life

by Denise Poole

Sunday 7th November 2021

Denise speaking on the bread of life from John 6. The Bible read... Read More

Jesus sends out the 12

by Graham Dow

Sunday 17th October 2021

The holistic mission of Jesus - Jesus sends out the 12 (or the 7... Read More

Matthew 6.25-33

by Dale Barton

Sunday 3rd October 2021

Dale speaking on Matthew 6.25-33. The Bible reading audio was ta... Read More

Mutually supportive body

by Steve Lees

Sunday 19th September 2021

Steve Lees speaking on Ephesians chapter 4 verses 1 to 16, growi... Read More

Prodigal Son - coming home!

by Meg Henry

Sunday 12th September 2021

"At home with the Lord" - finding our home fundamentally in the ... Read More